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The Obscenity and Fascination of War


Aleppo, Syria

Another war, a bad guy and good guys, depends on which side you are betting on and the ones’ your sympathies lie with; the lines are ever so blurred as before we have seen times and again. The scene is Aleppo and the Inferno that is Syria, once a peaceful calm country just recently, embroiled in a bloody civil war. The media has its favourites, always dictated by the powers behind the scenes, journalists clambering over to get a story, the more the suffering, the more the impact of the stories especially with photojournalism reaching across the globe in a matter of seconds via the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Youtube and Facebook. Arm sales at their highest, the industry booming especially in US, UK, France and Russia. What a good way to promote your economy, fighting a war, funded by others in others’ territory. History repeated all over yet again and again!

War is fascinating, it’s always been since times immemorial, the history records them in gilded letters, we have all been brought up with our war heroes whether in folklore, religious or historic texts, no one is fascinated though with peacemakers and reflects on the horrors of war. We have all been guilty of that, Perhaps that’s how we have been brought up!

Myself for example, having seen at a very young and impressionable age, the documentaries and war movies on second world war and later lots of books on that, being guilty of being fascinated by Hitler, Guderian, Rommel and the Japanese (not the Italians by any stretch though!) and also by Montgomery, Eisenhower on the other side. Then The Falklands war, and the Iran Iraq War which gripped the region for a good part of the decade when I was opening up my eyes to the wide world around. Having lived in Libya, under a revolutionary anti West, anti American propaganda machine of the Qaddafi regime and having been taught about the nasty imperialistic occupation of the sub continent by the British Empire in the 19th century and onwards in our textbooks and how most of Africa, Latin America and parts of Asia was carved up by the European Colonialist powers through wider learning much later on; the inclination was always to support the oppressed against the deemed oppressor, lines would be blurred at many a times. But as they say, the British always love an underdog and so do I!




Iran-Iraq War

We followed the Falklands war on radio, I vividly remember, cheering as if it was a football match, being Maradona fans, obviously the Argentinians were favoured against the erstwhile colonial power, now my adopted country. Supported Iran morally against all odds against the might of Saddam supported by all and sundry, the Arabs and would you believe it, the US. The vision of young Iranians embracing martyrdom against an oppressor who was heavily armed and supported to occupy oil rich Iran in the post anti US era after the overthrow and exile of the Shah, again a win for the oppressed against a dictator supported by the superpower! It was a stalemate but destroyed both countries, benefitting none but Israel in the region.

Then there was always a war rhetoric, living in Pakistan, every year on Defence day and Republic Day, the display of arms and renewed will to fight off the “evil designs of our neighbouring country hell bent on destroying us” having never forgotten the partition orchestrated in a bad, possibly deliberate way by the British, hurriedly leaving after the Second World War, which marked the end of an era for the European powers having a hold in Africa and Middle East. The war cries made sure both countries Pakistan and India were armed to the teeth and any skirmish usually on the hotbed of Kashmir, (still an unresolved issue despite so many UN resolutions, showing how toothless a body it is when it comes to big powers) led to rumours of full scale war and boasts of obliterating the other. At least the nuclear deterrent, no matter what the Western world says, was a sigh of relief, making sure they are not going to war that easily!  Still didn’t stop the later day Kargil and skirmishes at the Siachen Glacier.

The Gulf war in 1991 was the first one we saw live on TV, I still remember watching CNN on cable TV then, while doing my exams in 10th Grade. Saddam was suddenly made into a hero by many, forgetting his previous crimes, the reason– fighting the bigger evil; what a foresight!

We had seen the Intifada, the destruction of Beirut, Gaza shellings time and again, the Israeli excesses in Palestine, the second Gulf war, heard a lot about Vietnam and the Arab Israeli wars, The Korean war, the breakup of Yugoslavia into many pieces leading to a bloody civil war, the Serbs here were the scapegoats, and Bosnians being Muslims and oppressed our supported ones. Srebrenica always comes to mind and so does Sabra and Shatila! Who can forget Grozny and the Chechens fighting for independence from the mighty Russians.

Above all, in our region, we all supported the Afghan Mujahideens in 80s fighting against the “evil designs of the Soviets” this time Pakistani Intelligence fighting a proxy war on the behest of US, creating ongoing problems which lasted for decades and will continue to impact on both the countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan; Iran and India playing proxy roles later on, after the Russians and US washed their hands off it. Of course who could forget the role of the Saudis in that. Heroes were made out of the likes of Hikmatyar, Ahmad Shah Massoud. The War ended, the Soviets left and ultimately the country broke up, Afghanistan was blown into pieces by a far more bloodier civil war; enter the Taliban, of all the cruelty and excesses committed, give them the credit when due, even acclaimed by the American media, peace prevailed for a longer durable period, poppy production at its lowest.


Afghan Mujahideens

The twin tower collapse in New York, seen live on TV was frightening but gave media an outlet and the Government with a free reign to raid! Afghanistan and Iraq suffered badly; in the name of collateral damage and the Middle East is a mess since then. The Arab Spring proclaimed so excitedly by the West, led to destabilization of many countries, destabilising many countries in North Africa, namely Libya and Egypt. Democracy was not seen favourably especially in Algeria, Egypt and Turkey, coups and overthrow of Governments at will, with a hidden hand always supporting. Europe started seeing the effects of terror; Paris, Madrid, London, Brussels, the major European capitals were not spared and media glared in its gory details; analysts and so called experts on regions had something to talk on. It was all fascinating stuff for many but at the cost of human misery and a bleak future for many, some who lost loved ones, some who would always live in fear in exile,how they would be treated as aliens , many in their own adopted countries and even their future generations not safe from the hate generated!

Syria is the big news these days, as Afghanistan, Iraq and ISIS are on a back burner. Kashmir and Palestine are forgotten and so is Yemen because it doesnt matter. The superpowers still playing a proxy war and the sufferers…poor civilians, being displaced in huge numbers, creating a huge crisis of immigration towards European shores where thousands are risking their lives, another story on forgotten people, people of a lesser god maybe.


Yemen, in the aftermath of Saudi bombing

When will it stop, no one knows, as its endless and will go on in one way or the other, one continent or the other, till the widespread sale of arms is not stopped and the superpowers come off their agenda of interfering in other countries!

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The Big European Dilemma!

A paramilitary police officer carries the lifeless body of a migrant child after a number of migrants died and a smaller number were reported missing after boats carrying them to the Greek island of Kos capsized, near the Turkish resort of Bodrum early Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015. (AP Photo/DHA) TURKEY OUT

A paramilitary police officer carries the lifeless body of a migrant child after a number of migrants died and a smaller number were reported missing after boats carrying them to the Greek island of Kos capsized, near the Turkish resort of Bodrum early Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015. (AP Photo/DHA) TURKEY OUT

The current ongoing refugee crisis has gripped the attention of Europe like never before and it is beginning to threaten the very fabric of the idea of the European Union comprising of 28 member states. The idea about solidarity is being seriously questioned by the likes of Germany and Italy. First the appalling crisis at Calais in which both French and British were pointing fingers at each other, then the frequent news of capsizing boats in the Mediterranian which was like a weekly news for the coastguards of Italy and Greece, the countries which were the first stops for the migrants and asylum seekers from North Africa and Syria via Turkey respectively. Then the dreadful news came of the 71 suffocated dead bodies crammed in a refrigerated lorry abandoned on an Austrian roadside. That certainly pinched on the conscience of many hundreds and thousands in Western Europe who were silently watching the drama unfold in the theatre called the Middle East.


Destruction in Homs

zatari refugee camp jordan, hosting 160,000 refugees

zatari refugee camp jordan, hosting 160,000 refugees

Partly the doing of some of the Western European powers namely Britain and France in conjunction with US, Turkey and Saudia, the mess in Syria was too hot to handle. After the repeated attempts at overthrowing Bashar al Assad’s regime by arming the rebels to the teeth, creating the monster that is ISIS, the Syrian public at large were left at the mercy of the two horrible adversaries. With utter destruction of the Syrian cities and villages, they had nowhere to go apart from cramming at Turkish borders, concentrating in makeshift camps in Jordan and Lebanon, which again bore the brunt of hundreds of thousands of refugees after the exodus of the Palestinians, it seemed the vast fertile grounds of Syria had contracted for its 23 million inhabitants. With nowhere to go apart from rotting in the camps dependent on aid from the charitable world, Syrians had to find a way out. Individually people were helping out a great deal. Turkish Government was a great support, but in the current economic climate, a million odd refugees is too big a strain for any country even with a sprawling economical giant as Germany which has taken an unprecedented 800,000 refugees in the last year alone. With no future in sight, the desperate ones were forced to look for so called greener pastures in Western Europe; France, Britain and Germany were the obvious destinations, but the dilemma how to cross the borders. Exploited not only in the camps but elsewhere, people pay thousands of dollars to smugglers and human traffickers which make them board small boats and dinghies at the mercy of the waves at times, with only hopes of making it alive to the shores of Europe; the Greek islands amongst many which are close to the Turkish borderlands. The holiday resort island of Kos is one of those which has taken thousands of refugees.

While Italian coastguards, with no help from the European partners, were constantly saving North Africans especially Libyans fleeing the civil war there, again fuelled by US, Britain and France to overthrow a totalitarian but very stable Qaddafi regime which was a thorn in the side of the Western powers but a major African economic hub. The Syrians were crowding into Greece, already in economic meltdown and in the news for its bailouts again and again and being saved by Germany and the Financial institutions in the end, not to go bankrupt. While the Dublin treaty implied, all the refugees at the first port of entry be registered there and provided for by the local government, no one was willing to do so in the face of overwhelming numbers and rightly so. France and Britain, the bigger powers were silent and so was Spain, Belgium, Austria and the Scandinavian countries. Greeks were giving free access for the migrants to move across Europe, soon there was another route found, the Eastern European states of Serbia, Macedonia and Hungary, the latter part of European Union and hence a portal of entry to the Schengen states, Germany being the land of opportunity and the most receptive of the nations, willing to take many, as they had done in hundreds of thousands in the Yugoslav war of attrition or independence, whatever one wants to call it.

Soon there were 150,000 refugees in Hungary, entering from Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia(which are building a fence to ward off future immigrants and refugees across the border); the last ones not EU member states and not bound to keep the Migrants. Hungarian government doesnt want to do much about the migrants and asylum seekers and apparently trying to contain them in appalling conditions. People want to leave for Germany, of whose people are welcoming and handing out sandwiches, clothes, food etc voluntarily. The parks are teeing with people and the sights are unprecedented. While a small country like Iceland with a population of 330,000, has offered to take at least 10,000 refugees, Britain has pledged only 5,000, with the Labour leadership contender Yvette Cooper offering 10,000, still a drop in the ocean if we compare the millions of refugees including children and women, many of them have not got enough to eat and shelter. Germany, Austria and Italy are calling on EU member states to come forward in sharing the burden in taking the refugees. As one observer put in recently, we have conveniently forgotten Europe was itself in such a crisis when the Nazis were persecuting the Europeans and a vast exodus of Jews and Eastern Europeans was absorbed in various countries. The Scottish First Minister and the Hollyrood has called for more to be done by the Westminster and more refugees to be offered asylum, a difficult task for the Cameron Govt in the face of increasing hostility from the likes of UKIP  and many who would not be willing to take in any, citing huge financial drains on services in this country and also the changing public perspective especially after the appalling photographs of the young Syrian boy’s dead body swept to the Turkish shore and being picked up by a coastguard. It has been splashed across all newspapers and social media sites and would certainly stir the hearts of many to do more in this huge humanitarian crisis, rather than just gloating on our history in taking asylum seekers and making huge donations and focusing on human traffickers and aiming to send all the refugees back or prevent the boats form reaching the European shores as what is portrayed by the Conservative Government.

Immigrants on boats towards the Island of Kos, Greece

Immigrants on boats towards the Island of Kos, Greece


The Syrian crisis has been going on for years now and everyone has seen the effects of destruction on a massive scale, until it reached the European shores, it was not our problem, now it is affecting the whole idea of the European Union and many member states are openly questioning it. The countries facing the brunt of it are not getting any help from others while the economic giants like Germany, France and Britain are the countries everyone likes to go to for a better life. As a former Belgian Premier Guy Verhofstadt suggested if some European countries are not willing to contribute or participate in this crisis, then those countries should not be a part of the main EU perhaps being given an associate status and Germans already threatening Britain about the likely failure on its negotiations to get some favours from the EU. Also border controls might be instituted to the detriment of the Eastern European states from which currently people can easily go to Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt and London to seek work.

The question is whether we let those poor Syrian Refugees die or just block them from entering EU, what else can be done about it to avert such disasters which are making headlines nearly every day. A way could be to equally distribute them amongst the European Union Member states and the ones refusing to do so losing the benefits of the shared European market. Denmark being one such country which has categorically refused to participate. One way could be to distribute them on 2-3 uninhabited islands in the Mediterranean which has got sufficient fertile soil to sustain many people. The countries in which refugees are camped, should be provided more economic aid/support by the world community. While looking at Europe, we conveniently forget what should be the responsibility of the rich Gulf states which haven’t come forward to support the Syrian refugees, their entry regulations being much more strict than the Europeans and human rights appalling and deplorable to say the very least.

winter syria winter in refugee camp

Winter in Syrian Camps

Winter in Syrian Camps

There would be many more Alan Kurdis unfortunately before the conscience of the world community will stir and only for a  little while and people would have their peaceful sleep, the Syrians will continue to suffer, while Bashar will rule roost till he would be overthrown and humiliated like Saddam and Qaddafi and then again on Judgement day, if there is one, people have certainly forgotten about it; the cauldron of Middle East will continue to consume hundreds of thousands of lives and people far off will continue to live in luxury free from any ill thoughts that far away, on the shores of Turkey, there was a boy or two or their mother died in vain…………….

Still smiling in adversity! Hope is alive

Still smiling in adversity!
Hope is alive

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Is the Destruction of Turkey Imminent?

Turkey in the Midst of Turmoil

       Turkey in the Midst of Turmoil

The recent suicide attack at Suruc, a border town with Syria that killed 32 young activists should be an eye opener for the Turks and while sitting on the hinterlands of the phenomenon that calls itself ironically the so called Islamic State or IS, it was long time forthcoming. While people might argue it was inevitable not because of the dangerous border but also because of the involvement of the Turkish Government under Mr Erdogan in not only creating but sustaining this monster with the covert help of US and Saudia. The initial “innocuous” aim was to topple the Assad regime and also maybe to weaken the Kurds who have been perennially fighting for their sovereignty. The logistic and armed support was never going to keep those rogue elements in check, a thing which has been observed time and again; Pakistan and Afghanistan being a prime example. Recently the utter destruction of the Libyan state after the fall of Qaddafi brought on by the combined UK/US but not so covert support to the rebels, is another shining example of states meddling into others affairs for their own motive, locals joining them and the result is as obvious as daylight. Various militias and groups control different towns, AlQaeda and IS which could never dream of planting its tentacles at the time of Qaddafi are well rooted there and operating across North Africa and who knows would be infiltrating Europe via Mediterranean and crossing over into Italy and Greece if it is any worth.

Mr Erdogan has been the omnipotent leader of Turkey for quite some years now. He won terms as an elected Prime Minister, when the term expired, came back as the President, the constitution was reformed to give more powers suited to him and even more were wanted in the face of a weak opposition and the ever weakening Armed Forces who always held the so called secular front of the country as envisaged by Ataturk, the founder who shunned the traditional Islamic values and distanced Turkey from not only Arabs but the Islamic background.

Erdogan the King or Caliph!

       Erdogan the King or Caliph!

Infact the initial signs were encouraging for the democracy, the only one working properly in a modern manner in all the Middle East and Muslim countries combined. I have been one of the ardent supporters of the AKP, the Justice and Development Party and its parent Refah Party founded by Necmettin Erbakan who used to be like a hero in the face of so called secular Military might of yet another big Islamic country, a norm in the region, playing well in the hands of the US and the Western powers. Erbakan’s party won the popular vote in 1996 amongst millions of disillusioned Turks who rode on the Sunni traditional conservative Islamic agenda as opposed to curbs on religious freedom in a very traditional society being imposed by the Military junta, who feigned to protect the constitution. Spurned by the US, citing rising fundamentalist Islam in “secular” Turkey, he was overthrown, completely disregarding the rights of millions of Turks who elected him democratically. With reforms, party was changed and once its member Recep Tayyip Erdogan founded the AKP. His close associate Abdullah Gul, the former President, used to be the Deputy Leader of Refah till its dissolution. But the discontent voices could not be drowned for longer. AKP came back in power and has not looked back till very recently. Only till the monarchy style was not adopted and a bigger role in the whole region if not the whole Muslim world was seen as the ultimate prize. The role which was taken over by the Saudis since the late 70s, the perpetual enemies of the Turks with their known “treachery” at the times of their taking over the Arabian Peninsula and acquiring the politically significant Hijaz, which is the centre for all Muslims, was for the first time being challenged by someone in the last few decades.

The economic and military power of Turkey always recognized in the Muslim world as well as in Europe, being a member of NATO and having one of the largest armed personnel in the region, gives Turkey a special place in the world. Gone were the days when Turkey actively sought recognition in Europe and tried to join the Eurozone, being shunned by the likes of Brussels, Vienna, Paris and Berlin alike. Turkey grew to be economically bigger than not only most of its European neighbours in Eastern Europe as well as its eternal foe Greece, but others like Spain, Portugal and Ireland quite easily. Suddenly there was increased growth in GDP and tourism boomed. The general public no doubt benefited from it. The economic growth no doubt heightened the need for more political power not only in the region but also the Muslim world. With increased scrutiny and discontent with the Saudi Royals and their political hold over the more than billion strong Muslim world, there was a lacuna to be filled. Turkey fulfilled all the criteria which Iran couldn’t despite both being despised as “ajamies” ie non arabs by the political power holders in Arabia. The Sunni traditional core was the key which helped them gain the same recognition which Arabs had and the fact they used to be holders of the last caliphate.

The “Islamic Caliphate of Turkey” might face the same consequences as the Ottomans unless the house is kept in order. The signs are ominous, for the first time AKP is losing its support amongst the masses in the current polls with alternatives though not a single obvious one in sight. The Western and Jewish controlled media is always on Erdogan’s heels ever since his desire to be the voice of the Muslim world and the undeclared aim of becoming the next “rightly guided caliph”. It was obvious at the time when Israel raided Gaza, he has been very vocal against them, the flotilla event was also a pointer that here was a Muslim Leader who could look into the eyes of Israel with some authority and audacity I may add. Turkey’s involvement in the peace process amongst the warring factions in Palestine, the Middle East crisis, the Syrian and Iraqi issues, has been viewed as a mighty regional power broker which can add stability to the regional turmoil.

The Presidential Palace!

                    The Presidential Palace!

Always viewed suspiciously by Brussels and US alike because of breaking its ties with the secular past championed by the military adopted by the US and it’s stigmatising “Armenian Genocide” and it’s so called appalling human rights violations, of which there are some hard truths confronting the Turks as with many sovereign nations faced with a separatist minority. In this case it is the Kurds which form a major part of the border areas of Turkey, Iraq and Syria. The Kurds have been fighting hard for their rights and independence from all the parties involved being squeezed into their lands from all sides for many decades. They had started becoming a nuisance since Saddam left as with the local Shia populace they were also supported by the West in their “war on terror”. Increasingly powerful they had started showing their teeth, a fact which our hero Salahuddin Ayubi “Saladin” in European chronicles would have cherished, him being an ethnic Kurd! They were needed in Syria to topple Assad, increasingly in discord with the US and Israel alike. Turkey was happy as long as there were sureties of no incursions in Turkish territory. Arms and logistic support to the groups fighting Bashar Assad and his regime overflowed from all quarters, be it USA, Saudia or Turkey, all for their own motives. The result a few years later, a civil war of epic proportions killing thousands and displacing tens of millions, while Bashar still stands, Syria is destroyed and a monster is created out of it, called the Daesh or Islamic State of Syria and Levant. All the above countries have a major role in its making and all would bear consequences, the regional countries more than others.

Suicide bombing at Suruc, killing Kurd Activist youth

Suicide bombing at Suruc, killing Kurd Activist youth

The attack at Suruc was just an eye opener, though most who died would have been hapless Kurds who are on the forefront of fighting ISIS. Both the ISIL and Kurds have been bombed in its wake in the last couple of days and will continue to be and so will be the attacks in Turkey sadly. Whether the next attacks be on the tourist resorts like in Tunisia or in major cities, it is anybody’s guess but it is imminent. The rot is started and it will be near to impossible to reverse it.

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Issues emanating from the Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal


The British media has found a new story to exploit and fill in the pages to inflame further passions and the TV Channels are not lagging much behind. Everyone now must be aware, what has been going on recently all around the world not just Great Britain. There was the Trojan Horse Scandal and Academies and schools run by predominantly Muslim governors in Birmingham were in the limelight for all the right and wrong reasons and the communities were blamed for it, Islam being demonized in one way or the other, the media making vitriolic attacks on British Muslims. The government and the local councils were blamed for not having an iron fisted control over such “attempts at extremism and radicalization”. There were lots of questions to be asked in the allegations and the remarks made, no denying there was something going on, but to exploit that in such a way and making unscrupulous accusations of “being taken over by Muslim extremists” was beyond imagination. That issue was just over after taking the headlines, news reports, editorials and documentaries and various so called experts’ interminable commenting for weeks all over the media, when the ISIS threat took the captions by their exploits in Middle East. The Iraqi and Syrian saga was continuing and the rebels ran amok, well- armed and supported both logistically and militarily by the Western Governments; UK included, especially by the ex- Foreign Secretary Hague who seemed to practice his art of oratory in front of a mirror all day. As we have seen on numerous occasions especially with the US involvement elsewhere, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya just a very few recent examples, I can give you at least a dozen or more; the rebels who are supported believe in a different quite radical ideology at times which at the time being convenient to their Western masters to overthrow unyielding regimes in places which matter most to them, the same people will undoubtedly flex their muscles and try to force their ideology on the hapless local populace. It certainly means complicity or collusion in my dictionary.

ISIS, now conveniently shortened to IS (Islamic State…sic!) has been a product of such exploits in the quagmire that is Middle East. Whether being a splinter group or made in retaliation to the excesses of the various groups, it is even denounced apparently by Al-Qaeda! It has found some support in many quarters and to say the British Muslims apart from a very small minority, even negligible to be counted are sympathetic to them or the Free Syrian Army would be a misstatement. The vast majority want a peaceful existence and denounce violence as per the Islamic tradition (The word Islam literally originating from and denoting Peace!) The way the Yazidi exodus, no doubt a despicable act, was described appallingly in the newspapers especially the tabloids and the Murdoch controlled media and how the “massacre of Christians” and references made it to be “akin to Crusades” should have opened the British Muslims’ eyes towards the hostility meted out to them, while no Muslim leader or any significant country from the Islamic world what to talk of Britons supports them. Ironically this came at a time when Israel was breaking all international and humanitarian laws in carpet bombing Gaza, destroying their infrastructure which would take decades to build before it does it again on fabricated pretexts of protecting its sovereignty! Bombing of UN safe havens, hospitals and children and women continued right in front of the same media, at no point there was condemnation or even acceptance of the “disproportionate response of Israelis” as this was a phrase to be avoided, ordered by their paymasters. So much so for the freedom of speech and truth to be shown to public! While whistle-blowers for veracity and exposers of the high handedness of various Governments, like Snowdons and Assanges of this world have no place of abode but Netanyahu, Bush, Blair and Obama can get away with anything and the media knowingly will keep mum. Salutes to them for bringing out the truth and upholding morals of journalism.

The Rotherham incident has come to the fore in this background of mistrust and media campaign against the Muslims and fears recently that people of British origin gone fighting with the rebels in Syria might spread terrorism and extremism in UK(regardless of the fact many dual citizens have gone to Israel to fight alongside the IDF in killing the Palestinian civilians, not reported at all in the local media) UK has been put on a severe terror alert on such threats and reports. The onus is made on the communities to look for extremism and fight it off from within. In the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham which has a big Asian British population mostly of Pakistani origin, there were widespread reports of exploitation of young girls with child and sex abuse going back a few years from 1997 to 2013, and has been in the news too. Apparently 1400 odd young girls were exploited and abused and the local authority and the police turned a blind eye to it. The independent report by Professor Alexis Jay suggested senior managers underplayed the scale and the police failed to prioritize it. The usually labelled racist Yorkshire people didn’t come up with the accusations now claiming of “fear of being labelled racists” the far right EDL exploiting the issue more and inflaming tensions in the communities. The local Muslim council denies having any information and denounced the acts rightly so and dissociated themselves from the perpetrators. While the Muslims and Pakistanis are being dragged into it unfortunately, no denying the fact they were of Pakistani heritage but in no way Pakistani culture or Islam condones such acts as has been portrayed in the media about the so called male dominant totalitarian society in which women are considered as supposedly inferior. In fact child and sex abuse though as deplorable as it should be, happens in various societies and cultures all over the world and the typical stereotype as described in Forensics is not a Muslim Pakistani but a white middle aged person unfortunately. Alexis Jay’s report is hard reading for many and people are calling for resignations of many high officials in responsible roles in that period especially the Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright who ironically was the Children services head at that time when the scandal came into limelight and resigned in 2010 from that post. Suddenly as if on cue this issue has been raised and calls for investigations to be opened are made from various quarters. While the authorities have been inept in dealing with the issue in the first place, the blame is put on the whole community at not checking it.



These are the criminals and extremists which need to be dealt with a strong and effective law and social services, tackled with sagacity not in haste blaming the whole community and Islam which denounces such acts rather being maligned in a harsh vitriolic way which is alienating the British Muslims even further. The interfaith harmony in community is once again being destroyed and it will take a long time to mend fences. The media instead of playing a responsible role, is acting like a stimulant and adds fuel to the fire to further the tensions already abound in Britain.

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